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Best money you'll ever spend! You'll never regret the money you spent on laser hair removal. - Amy



I'm a careful shopper and did some serious looking for high-quality laser hair removal, choosing Permanent Choice Laser Hair Removal in Bloomington for a number of reasons. Here's what I love about it: ~ I have the same technician (Deborah) every time, and she makes me feel very comfortable. ~ She is always on-time, gets me in and out in no time, and it's always clean. ~ The price is much cheaper, comparatively, than the big-name, national laser chains that have a lot of overhead (Permanent Choice is local). ~ If you're able to go early in the day (before 2 or 3pm - can't remember) you get a fantastic discount. ~ It feels personal, it feels private, and it feels like I'm a valued customer. The "big laser places," the ones you hear advertised all the time, will have you speak with a salesperson when you go in for the first time, not the actual person who will do the laser treatments, plus there is no guarantee that you'll see the same tech each time; in fact, that's unlikely. I wasn't okay with that, especially on top of their higher prices. I've been so happy with my choice and have recommended Deborah at Permanent Choice to many of my friends. I'm about halfway through my treatments and am very pleased with the results to-date. It does hurt - I can't lie - but in my opinion, not shaving is SO worth it. - Julie


Carol at the Apple Valley clinic is very good. She's really knowledgeable and provided me with lots of info about my electrolysis options. She is personable and friendly and was fun to talk to during my procedure. I'm going back next week. - Barb


I am extremely impressed with the service I received and I am already planning what to do next!!! The technicians take the time to explain everything in detail and the laser procedure itself doesn't take long at all!! I wish I would have done this sooner!!! Also, the ladies on the phone are amazing! They answered all my questions and addressed my concerns before and after the visit. Keep up the great work!! – Anika


I've been using the Maple Grove location and over all have had great results. The staff and treatments went above and beyond what I expected. I am very pleased thus far with my results and will continue to use them for laser hair removal. (Have done bikini, underarms, and will do legs) - Ajerae


By far the best and most knowledgeable laser staff including the office (Kim!), on the phone for appointments, and website. Excellent results, much more affordable than other places, and truly caring atmosphere. - A.


Permanent Choice provides great service; their staff is very professional and knowledgeable and makes for a great experience. The downtown location is super convenient – perfect to just stop in over the lunch break. You'll love the results, and if you have any questions along the way you can feel confident that the staff will be there with answers. - Sara


I was skeptical and nervous about starting treatments. I researched my options for months before finally contacted Permanent Choice. I knew right away they were different. The staff at Permanent Choice has been so helpful and friendly. They really go out of their way to answer questions and make you feel comfortable. I'm on my third treatment and already amazed at the results. I would highly recommend Permanent Choice. – Anne


Permanent Choice provides great service; their staff is very professional and knowledgeable and makes for a great experience. The downtown location is super convenient – perfect to just stop in over the lunch break. You'll love the results, and if you have any questions along the way you can feel confident that the staff will be there with answers. - Sarah


Wonderful experience for WONDERFUL results. The staff is courteous and professional. - Jennifer


I have been going to Permanent Choice for about six months now primarily for electrolysis treatments though I also have an occasional laser treatment. I am very impressed with the work I have had done. (My past experience with other providers has not been very good.) The staff is wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the service I am receiving and highly recommend them. - Cheryl


Permanent Choice made me feel comfortable and welcome from the moment I walked in the door. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they explain options in a clear and concise way. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I have had a wonderful experience there, and look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks, Permanent Choice! - Robalee


Permanent choice was the best decision I ever made for permanent hair removal. I'm very happy with my results. Permanent personal are very professional and respectful. Awesome results at a lower price than other places. - Amy


Permanent Choice was the right choice for me for Laser Hair removal. The staff is very professional and not pushy. They don't try and sell you on anything you don't want or long term packages (if that's not your thing). Super flexible hours, clean professional office and they take all the time you want to answer questions about your procedure. I'm almost done with my sessions, and have seen great results! I would recommend Eden Prairie Permanent Choice if your are considering laser hair removal or just want to learn more about it. - Robyn


I would and have highly recommended Permanent choice. I have had both electrolysis and laser hair removal done. Tracy always makes it a pleasant experience. She is very professional; she listens to your needs and is very nice. - Kim


Once I decided to get laser hair removal, I spent a lot of time an effort researching the different options and went to consultations at four different places. Permanent Choice was by far the best choice for me and I'm so happy I found them. I've had two treatments so far and I can't believe the difference. They were completely upfront with their pricing and I never had to meet with a high pressure sales consultant. This isn't a spa, they don't meet you at the door with a latte and gift basket, but their prices are reasonable because you're not paying for silly fluff. The office is clean, appointments start on time and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The lasers are top of the line and they produce results! I certainly would recommend Permanent Choice to anyone who needs to get rid of some hair! - Meghan


First off…the convenience and COST (: makes permanent choice the most appealing choice in town! The name says it ALL! The technicians are hands down, most concerned about your satisfaction! My first experience, I was terrified of any pain, but of course I wanted results!! Sue was awesome, she was fast and efficient and I had been to another company before that just wasn't able to comfort like she can!! Then I moved and now I have Jennifer in EP, ok I call her my psychiatrist; she helps me feel better and is focused on every detail of the process!! I appreciate her gentle kindness in helping me reach my goal! Do not underestimate that a company with multiple locations wouldn't treat you like a family member! I will never go anywhere else! Our bodies are so precious to each of us, and that is how you are treated each and every time!!!! - Aimie


I am so happy with the results and care I have received at Permanent Choice. Christina's professionalism and knowledge of laser treatments has left me always feeling at ease. I saw amazing results, even after the first treatment! Since completing treatment, I have even started coming back for different areas. I recommend Permanent Choice to anyone with unwanted hair growth; I tell all my friends, it's the BEST thing I've ever done- I just wish I hadn't waited so long! - Ali


I am a male and have wanted to remove hair on my back for several years. I have been considering laser hair removal. I didn't feel comfortable with the first 2 clinics that I visited (for consultation) and had almost given up on the idea. The other places I met with seemed focused on locking me in (prepaying) for several treatments up front and seemed to be far more focused on the money than informing me about the procedure. Then I went to Permanent Choice in Eden Prairie. Their staff was super friendly and seemed far more honest in what you should expect, AND they didn't even try to sell me on any packages or prepayment plans. Their price was on a per appointment basis and although they said I'd need somewhere between 4-6 visits to achieve the goal I was looking for, I could stop the treatments at any time. My technician was Carol and she is just awesome. She's always checking with me to make sure I'm comfortable and explains in detail what she is doing. I have had 4 treatments and have achieved great results. I would highly recommend Permanent Choice. - Alan


I'm nearing the end of my laser hair removal treatments (I got the whole package, underarms, bikini and full legs) and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm super excited to be hair free!! Carol has been wonderful, she makes you feel super comfortable and relaxed. She listens to your concerns she simply is the sweetest person! I haven't seen anyone else there at the Apple Valley location, but I'm sure the others are nice too. – Carrie


I went for laser hair removal after the spa where I had had a couple of treatments done discontinued that service. Permanent Choice's laser equipment was much better - less pain and faster. Also, their pricing was much less expensive (like half as much). I had looked at a different option (Ideal Image) before coming here, and Ideal Image was a very hard core sales approach, and they don't disclose pricing until you're in the office. Permanent Choice, on the other hand, is completely transparent with their pricing - showing info on the website and freely sharing over the phone. - Kris


I love Permanent Choice! Carol at the Apple Valley location is very professional and friendly; my appointment seems to fly by. Appointments always run on time, which is great because I visit on my lunch hour. I am a returning customer to Permanent choice, and after using a "groupon" at another company, I now know that no one compares to Permanent Choice. I highly recommend you give Permanent Choice try, you won't' be disappointed. – Kenya


My experience with Permanent Choice has always been a great one! The staff is all so kind, informative and professional. – Colleen


Permanent choice and Chris are great! The location is easy to find, always clean and spotless. Chris seems to do anything to make you feel comfortable and feel like you're not the only one that might have hair growing in places you don't want it growing. – Stacey


I went to Permanent Choice a few years ago because I wanted to check out an alternative to shaving my underarms. I have gone a number of times and love them! They are so professional and really care about their clients. Their office hours and locations are flexible to work with every schedule. I will be going back soon for other areas and highly recommend them to everyone! – Patti


My experience there was great. They make you feel comfortable, counsel you through the hair removal decision process and help you make the best choice for your hair type. Not only are the results amazing, so is the staff there. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and flexible in scheduling appointments and making your experience there worthwhile. – Margarita


Jennifer is by far my favorite. She is easy to talk to & makes the whole process much more comfortable. I have only had 3 treatments out of my 7 so far but the results are already amazing. I will be talking to her about other procedures in the near future. – Heather


I am very pleased with Permanent Choice Hair Removal and Cosmetic Center. Have gone to the Maple Grove office and am able to make appointments to accommodate my schedule. Amy is very professional and very courteous and I would recommend this business. I have had electrolysis and laser at a salon in the past and would say that this experience is much more professional and the cost is comparable to what I paid at a salon. – Anne


Deb at Permanent Choice Laser Hair Removal does a great job with laser hair removal; I'm very satisfied with my results. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Her office is in an easy to find business suite which is always kept very clean and tidy. She recommends excellent products (like PFB) that are reasonably priced. There are several locations around the metro area and beyond which make scheduling appointments easy and flexible. Thanks Deb! – CA


After more than 15 years of waxing I decided to make a permanent decision regarding my facial hair. I researched different web sites and decided on Permanent Choice. I started my treatments in March and am very impressed with the results. The staff at Permanent Choice is very professional, friendly and always makes me feel welcomed and comfortable. I only wish that I had decided to do this years ago. - Bev





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